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Managing Children’s Medications

In general, drug is defined as a chemical used to prevent, control and treat diseases. Despite of that, it is also classified as toxin group that may cause acute symptoms (poisoning symptoms) if medications instructions are not complied by the patient. In line with the rapid development of information technology, …

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Hypertension And High Cholesterol

What Is The Relationship Between Hypertension And High Cholesterol? A Physicians’ Health Study showed that higher levels of plasma total cholesterol (TC) and non-HDL-cholesterol (non-HDL-C) are independently associated with a subsequent increased risk of incident hypertension in apparently healthy middle aged and older men. This is also true for Total …

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About High Blood Pressure

1) Myth: High blood pressure runs in my family. There is nothing I can do. I will get it too. High blood pressure can run in families. If your parents or close blood relatives have had high blood pressure, you are more likely to develop it too. However, change in …

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How To Travel With Medications

“I’m going to Langkawi next week.” “I’m going to visit my daughter in Australia next month.” “Okay, but don’t forget to bring your medications.” If you are planning to go for a trip or for a holiday within the country or abroad, it is important that you prepare your medications. …

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Hypertension And Stroke

What Is Relationship Between Hypertension And Stroke? High blood pressure causes stress to the inner wall of blood vessels. This leads to damages and may cause the following to occur: Small blood vessels that supply blood to the brain to close-off. Blood clots to form and reduce or block-off blood …

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Doses are individualized depending on patient’s condition. Please consult your doctor or pharmacist for suggestion of treatments for your hypertension. Once you are started on medications for your hypertension, take the medication regularly and according to instructions.

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