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Healthy Lifestyle and Asthma


What is Healthy Lifestyle? What is the relationship with Asthma?

Healthy Lifestyle is the activities, approaches as well as practices that stimulate physically and spiritually resulting in a balanced physical and mental well-being.

Healthy lifestyle is vital to human life as it helps to ensure a balanced physical and mental well-being. Healthy lifestyle is not just limited to physical activity and healthy diet but also extended to ritual and spiritual activities which help greatly towards the better control of asthma symptoms.

What is stress?

 Stress is defined as “a condition of a person experiencing physical or mental instability and is directly related to our way of life or lifestyle”. The more stressful he or she is, the more he or she goes astray from the healthy practice that should be primarily adopted.

Stress can be triggered by environmental elements such as poor living environment and workplace, emotional state due to an individual’s living condition, an unhealthy diet that directly contributes to the unhealthy physical and mental state.

Excessive uncontrolled depression also contributes to extreme degree of stress. Cases like these require closed monitoring and attention from experts. It will impose adverse effects on individual’s life and his or her circled of communities if not properly dealt with.

How to overcome stress?

To avoid stress, a healthy lifestyle such as physical and mental activities as well as healthy diet are essential. The food pyramid is a great start to a healthy lifestyle.

To overcome stress, one needs to know the correct and more comprehensive plan. Stress needs to be dealt with by absorbing positive elements and avoiding negative and chronic elements. A healthy lifestyle helps to rectify the negative elements and thus alter the chronic elements.

A healthy lifestyle helps to increase the values of individual life and reduce feelings of disappointment and indirectly contributes to a better quality of life.

Most elements of healthy lifestyle help to deal with current stress and stress that we may be likely to encounter in the future.

Undoubtedly to live a healthy lifestyle requires a strong commitment and commitment from dealing with the stress itself, and long-term positive results will benefit the individual.

Most people are afraid to change their current lifestyle to the healthier one because of fear of their own motivation and too quickly feel unsure to continue this healthy and positive approach. Here, discipline and commitment play a very important role. Get started by placing targeted goals and achievement levels so that it can be adjusted to higher position if the initial target has been achieved.

Below are the outlines of some of the healthy lifestyle elements that can be applied to our daily lives:

  1. Healthy eatingIt is a core element in which the food pyramid is the beginning of a better lifestyle. Good nutrition contributes to better external and internal physical fitness. Better in terms of appearance and also internal health such as heart, blood pressure, sugar level and so on.
  2. Exercise periodicallyExercise periodically helps to achieve a person’s physical and mental wellbeing.
  3. Good sleep qualityGood sleep quality is also an importantelement of healthy lifestyle. Enough rest is important to prepare us physically and mentally for the next days.

In conclusion, a healthy lifestyle starts within us towards good governance of stress and as the good companions to us.

Healthy lifestyle helps to improve the asthmatic control This is because the disease is particularly affected by environmental, immune system and respiratory system as well as good nutrition control.

It is aimed that our lives are of better quality and health, thus indirectly help dealing with stress ultimately.


Last Reviewed :  12 September 2017
Translator : Wan Ermiyati bt. Wan Mohamad
Accreditor : Dr. Ho Bee Kiau