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Privacy Policy

1. Privacy Policy

Thank you for examining our privacy statement.

This is a Portal of the government of Malaysia. MyHEALTH is committed to protect the privacy of all our users. If you are only browsing this Portal ‚ we do not capture data that allows us to identify you individually. If you choose to make an application or send us an e-mail for which you provide us with individuals identifiable data‚ we may share certain aggregate information contained in your registration data or related data to third parties‚ provided that‚ such information will not include individual´s identifiable data‚ except as specifically authorised by you or in good faith believe that such action is reasonably necessary to comply with the law‚ legal process‚ to enforce term and conditions‚ or under any of the other circumstances set forth in our privacy policy‚ as may be amended from time to time.


Cookies are part of the Content Management System. A cookie is a piece of data stored on the user´s hard drive while they are visiting a particular website. It contains simple information about the user´s identity but no personal information. When the user closes the browser‚ the cookie is destroyed. The system will notify visitors before any persistent cookies are used so they may refuse them.

Users should be aware however‚ that external sites which may be accessed through this site may also use ‘cookies’. Information stored within a cookie can be read only by the web server that originally sent the cookie. Web servers cannot read cookies sent by other web servers. .


This Portal contains links to other sites. MyHEALTH is not responsible for the privacy practices of other websites. We encourage our users to be aware of this when they leave our site.

Log Files

Log files of the pages that our users have visited will be used to analyse trends and to administer the site and track users´ movement so that we can improve the site. Our records do not contain any personal information about users.


We try to respond to all feedback where a valid e-mail address is included. Any feedback received (eg. e-mail) will be attended to by a designated team under strict confidence and will be used only to improve our service to you. Your e-mail address will only be used for the purpose for which you have provided it and will not be added to any mailing list without your prior consent by way of a specific request in writing. We will not use or disclose your e-mail address for any other purpose without your prior written consent.


We will maintain safeguards to store and secure the information we have about website visitors. The safeguards maybe physical‚ electronic or procedural.

2. Links Policy

The sites listed below are not part of MyHEALTH. These links are provided for your information. The MyHEALTH does not necessarily endorse the views expressed on these sites‚ nor can we verify the accuracy of the information. Please read the disclaimer and copyright statements.

MyHEALTH is not responsible for the privacy practices of other websites. We encourage our users to be aware when they leave our site and to read the privacy statements of other websites.

MyHEALTH welcomes links to our homepage / individual sections or pages within our Portal with the following conditions :

  1. A link to MyHEALTH cannot be used to indicate endorsement‚ approval or sponsorship of your website‚ your organisation or services.
  2. No charge shall be attached to the provision of information from MyHEALTH. For example‚ if you have a subscription section on your site‚ the MyHEALTH link should not be placed inside this subscription area. If this is not possible‚ it should be clearly stated that MyHEALTH is a free service provided by the Malaysian Government.
  3. The link to the MyHEALTH Portal cannot be used as any part of a revenue generating mechanism to promote your organisation or services. .
  4. Plain text should be used to indicate the link. Permission for use of the Ministry of Health (MOH) Malaysia´s seal or logo for this link must be obtained from MOH.
  5. If MyHEALTH so requests‚ due to perceived violation‚ that link must be removed.
  6. MyHEALTH content may not be downloaded to another Web server‚ displayed or reproduced by any other means in any other format from that server.
  7. MyHEALTH content may not be framed‚ “locked” or “trapped” within any borders‚ banners or other visual images other than those placed by MyHEALTH itself.

3. Authorization Policy


Copyright subsists in various works published on this site. Copyright of materials present on the MyHEALTH resides with the government of Malaysia .

Non Commercial Use

Apart from any use permitted by Malaysian Copyright Act 1987‚ the owner of the copyright (“Owner”) grants visitors to the site a license to download‚ display‚ print and reproduce the content (“Content” refers to information‚ software‚ photographs‚ graphics and other materials.) for private use‚ or for use within the visitor´s organisation‚ for non-commercial purposes only..

We ask only that:

  • users exercise due diligence in ensuring the accuracy of the materials reproduced;
  • MyHEALTH be identified as the source; and‚
  • the reproduction is not represented as original version of the materials reproduced‚ nor as having been made‚ in affiliation with or without the endorsement of MyHEALTH. .

Commercial Use

However‚ visitors may not publish‚ communicate‚ modify‚ commercialise or alter contents without the expressed written consent of MyHEALTH.

Visitors interested to obtain information for commercial purposes‚ please contact MyHEALTH.

Third-party Materials

Please note that this Portal contains links to a large number of other sites that deal with health and health related issues. When you click on a link to another site‚ you leave this site‚ and the above permission to reproduce material no longer applies.

Some of the materials and graphical elements found on MyHEALTH Portal are subject to copyrights held by other organisations. In such cases‚ some restrictions on the reproduction of materials or graphical elements may apply and it may be necessary to seek permission from the rights holder prior to reproducing the material.

To obtain information concerning copyright ownership and restrictions on reproduction on this site‚ please contact MyHEALTH

4.Advertising Policy

MyHEALTH portal is a fully owned by the government of Malaysia. This portal is been developed by the Ministry of Health through the Health Education Division. To maintainthe credibility of the contents, no commercial advertisements are allowed in this portal.

5.Disclosure of Funding Sources

MyHEALTH portal is a fully funded by the government of Malaysia. This portal is been developed by the Ministry of Health through the Health Education Division.

Last Reviewed : 30th November 2014