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Screening For Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

Who to screen for kidney disease? Those patients with high risk should be screened for CKD. It is not cost-effective to screen everyone. If you have the following, you should be screened: Diabetes mellitus Hypertension Age ? 65 years Family history of CKD and hereditary kidney disease Urinary tract abnormalities, …

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What Is Proteinuria And How Does It Occur?

Proteinuria One of the earliest signs of kidney disease is the detection of protein in the urine, hence named proteinuria. The kidneys make urine by filtering blood. Protein from the food that you eat is broken down in the stomach and absorbed into the blood stream. Usually, no protein leaks …

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What Is Haematuria?

Haematuria Haematuria is defined as the presence of blood in the urine. When the bleeding is visible or can be seen by the naked eye it is termed frank haematuria or macroscopic haematuria. The urine may be pink, red or brownish in colour due to the blood present in it. …

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Specific Tests

Radiological imaging There are various radiological procedures that may be done when an individual is diagnosed to have chronic kidney disease. These tests are done when the doctor suspects that you may have certain diseases that can be detected by the procedure, for example, stone disease, tumor, structural abnormalities, etc. …

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