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Insulin Pump In Diabetes

Introduction On Insulin Pump Figure 1 : An insulin pump model with the home screen showing the reservoir status, time and battery status. An insulin pump (Fig. 1) is a small portable computerized device that delivers rapid-acting insulin via an infusion set which includes a flexible, plastic tube (called a …

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Role and Function of Ophthalmologist in Diabetes Care

Ophthalmologists play an important role in preventing the complications of late-stage eye disease caused by diabetes. By routinely measuring blood pressure in all adult patients and providing education on healthy lifestyles, eye-care providers can contribute to early diagnosis, improved prognosis, and prevention of the complications of late-stage eye disease caused …

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Oral Medications For Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Oral Medications For The Treatment Of Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus Oral anti-diabetes can be divided into six classes. Each class of oral anti-diabetes lowers blood sugar level through unique mechanism. Class of Anti-Diabetes Tablet Biguanides Examples of medication : Metformin (Glucophage®), Metformin XR (Glucophage XR®), Metformin + Glibenclamide (Glucovance®), Metformin + …

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Diabetes & Eating Healthy Tips

Eating Healthy : Tips For Families and Communities Picking-up Healthy Foods A well-balanced healthy eating plays a vital role in the control of diabetes. It’s well worth the effort to make “Healthy Eating” as part of our everyday lifestyle. Eating right is important and diabetic diet is a healthy diet …

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Diabetic Meal Plan

Introduction Diabetic meal is a healthy eating plan which consists of balance nutrition in the right amount of calorie requirement. It is a healthy diet for anyone! The aim of a diabetic meal is to help people with diabetes attain quality of life. In addition, it also helps to achieve …

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