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Hypertension Inspecific Group

Hypertension And High Cholesterol

What Is The Relationship Between Hypertension And High Cholesterol? A Physicians’ Health Study showed that higher levels of plasma total cholesterol (TC) and non-HDL-cholesterol (non-HDL-C) are independently associated with a subsequent increased risk of incident hypertension in apparently healthy middle aged and older men. This is also true for Total …

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Hypertension And Stroke

What Is Relationship Between Hypertension And Stroke? High blood pressure causes stress to the inner wall of blood vessels. This leads to damages and may cause the following to occur: Small blood vessels that supply blood to the brain to close-off. Blood clots to form and reduce or block-off blood …

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Hypertension And Metabolic Syndrome

The metabolic syndrome also known as syndrome X or insulin resistance syndrome is not a disease but a cluster of metabolic abnormalities that increased the likelihood of developing diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease. The abnormalities included obesity, hypertension, high blood sugar levels and raised cholesterol level. Metabolic syndrome is not uncommon. Prevalence of metabolic syndrome in adult Malaysian was reported as high as 37.1%

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Hypertension And Diabetes

Hypertension itself may not cause any symptoms, therefore it can easily go undetected. All hypertensive patients should be checked for diabetes at least twice a year. If they develop any of the symptoms above, they should be screened for diabetes as soon as possible. Hypertensive patients have a 20% higher risk of developing diabetes.

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After menopause, more women develop hypertension compared to their male counterpart. Also, the older the age after menopause, the higher the chance a woman has of developing hypertension. At the age of 60, about 8 out 10 women have hypertension. Hence, there is also an increase in the complications attributed to hypertension, for instance; stroke, heart failure and kidney disease.

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