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Healthy Lifestyle and Asthma

Sumber: What is Healthy Lifestyle? What is the relationship with Asthma? Healthy Lifestyle is the activities, approaches as well as practices that stimulate physically and spiritually resulting in a balanced physical and mental well-being. Healthy lifestyle is vital to human life as it helps to ensure a balanced physical …

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Asthma and Emotional Stress

Sumber: Sumber: Asthma is a chronic, life-threatening disease. Asthma disease is caused by a narrow respiratory tract and causes difficulty in breathing. Asthma disease although cannot be cured but can be treated with the use of medicines either in oral or inhalation form. An asthma sufferer is different …

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Healthy Lifestyle, Ideal Body Weight

Maintaining an ideal body weight is one of the most important parts in management plan of asthma patients. Many researches has established the relationship between asthma and body weight. Generally, the higher body weight you have, the more risky for you to develop asthma symptoms/ attack. Risk of Obesity / …

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Healthy Lifestyle: Exercise

According to World Health Organization, an estimated 300 million people suffer from asthma worldwide. In many people, strenuous exercise can worsen their symptoms [1]. Does that means asthmatic people could cannot exercise or get involved in physical activities? Sports and Asthma Many well-known sportsmen have managed their asthma well are …

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