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Quality Assurance

All contents on MyHEALTH undergo a stringent process of checks, review and accreditation. These processes are summarized as follows:

Step 1 – Content Development

The Editorial Board sets the direction and priorities for contents. The Content Committee will identify and select the topics. Subsequently, content writers comprising of qualified medical and allied healthcare professionals are appointed to write on these selected topics.

Step 2 – Content Review

After contents are written, a peer review by similar qualified medical and allied health care professionals will be carried out on all the written contents, during which changes can be made. The peer reviewed contents are then sent to senior physicians and specialists for further review. The physicians and specialists are specially selected from the Ministry of Health, universities and private hospitals. Any major changes on the contents are referred back to the content writers.

Step 3 – Content Editing and Endorsement

The MyHEALTH Management Team checks the final contents for grammar and consistency. The corrected contents will be passed to the Editorial Board for editing and endorsement.

Step 4 – Content Production for Web Hosting

Endorsed contents will be forwarded to the portal manager for production and web hosting.

Last Reviewed : 1st August 2011