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Say No To Fruits ?

Is Fruit A Sugar? Yes, the main component in fruits is carbohydrate or also known as sugar. Almost all of the calories from fruit are derived from sucrose, which is a simple carbohydrate or simple sugar. Fruit, as any other carbohydrate may raise blood glucose if taken in excess. Carbohydrate …

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Foot Examination

Introduction Foot examination is part of an integral management of diabetes. Foot problems may develop after more than 10 years of diabetes duration. Diabetes foot ulcers develop secondary to chronic ischaemia (insufficient blood supply to the foot) due to microvascular (small vessels) and macrovascular (large vessels) complications of diabetes (5]. …

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Eye Examination

Introduction  The eye is an important organ that allows vision. Retina is part of the eye that consists of a number of cells and normal vision depends on intact-cell communication among them. Diabetes and chronic exposure to hyperglycaemia (high glucose in the blood) damages all the major retinal cells of …

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Diabetes & Eating Healthy Tips

Eating Healthy : Tips For Families and Communities Picking-up Healthy Foods A well-balanced healthy eating plays a vital role in the control of diabetes. It’s well worth the effort to make “Healthy Eating” as part of our everyday lifestyle. Eating right is important and diabetic diet is a healthy diet …

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Diabetic Meal Plan

Introduction Diabetic meal is a healthy eating plan which consists of balance nutrition in the right amount of calorie requirement. It is a healthy diet for anyone! The aim of a diabetic meal is to help people with diabetes attain quality of life. In addition, it also helps to achieve …

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