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Contact Lenses and Glasses

 What is the use of contact lenses and glasses in diabetic patient? The most common complaint referred to the eye doctor or ophthalmologist is blurring of vision. Diabetes itself is not an absolute contra-indication to contact lens wear to improve their vision. However, good hygienic practice in wearing contact lens …

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General Facts and Myths of Diabetes

According to many of the recent surveys, the number of people suffering from diabetes is increasing everyday at an alarming rate. Though there is this increase in diabetic patients, the steps being taken to create general awareness among the people are insufficient. And hence, as with every disease, there are …

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Cerebrovascular Disease

Introduction All diseases related to abnormal function of an artery (vessels that bring oxygen to the body) can be classified under a disease known as Macrovascular disease (disease of the large artery like artery to the heart called coronary artery and to the brain is cerebrovascular). Cerebrovascular complications make diabetic …

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