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Vesicoureteric Reflux (VUR)

What is VUR? VUR happens when urine that collects in the bladder flows back into the ureters and often into the kidneys. VUR occurs at a frequency of 1 in every 100 individuals.   THE URINARY SYSTEM Both the ureters enter the bladder at a diagonal angle and have a …

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Anaemia And CKD

Overview Anaemia is what happens when your red blood cells are in short supply. Red blood cells carry oxygen via a protein known as haemoglobin from your lungs to all parts of your body, giving you the energy you need for daily activities. The usual test to detect anaemia is …

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Lupus Nephritis

What is lupus nephritis? Lupus nephritis is a kidney disorder or inflammation caused by systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE or lupus). SLE is a chronic autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system becomes damaged and attacks the patient’s own cells and tissues. Lupus nephritis occurs when SLE involves the kidneys. What is …

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IgA Nephropathy

What is IgA nephropathy? Nephropathy is damage or disease of the kidney. IgA is a type of antibody that helps the body fight against infection. IgA nephropathy is a kidney disease in which this naturally occurring antibody is deposited in the kidneys. This subsequently leads to inflammation of the kidneys, …

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